Building Code Building Name/Location
A&A Art and Architecture
180 York St
AACC African American Cultural Ctr
211 Park Street
AKW Arthur K. Watson Hall
51 Prospect St
AMISB Amistad Street Building
10 Amistad Street
ASH40 40 Ashmun Street
AUD80 80 Audobon Street
BAC British Art Center
1080 Chapel Street
BAKER Baker Hall
40 Ashmun St
BASS Bass Center
266 Whitney Ave
BASSLB Bass Library
120 High Street
BATTEL Battell Chapel
Elm Street
BCMM Boyer Ctr Molecular Medicine
295 Congress Ave
BCT Becton Center
15 Prospect St
BERKLY Berkeley Center (Div)
363 St Ronan St
BF Benjamin Franklin College
90 Prospect St
BK Berkeley College
205 Elm St
BM Bingham Hall
300 College St
BML Brady Memorial Laboratory
310 Cedar St
BOWERS Bowers Hall
205 Prospect St
BR Branford College
74 High St
BRADY Brady Memorial Laboratory
310 Cedar St
BRBL Beinecke Rare Book Library
Wall and High Sts
BRW35 35 Broadway
C Connecticut Hall
344 College St
CALHIL Calvin Hill Day Care Center
150 Highland
CAW Creative Arts Workshop
80 Audubon St
CC Calhoun College
189 Elm St
CCL Cross Campus Library
120 High St
CED330 330 Cedar Street
CH100 100 Church Street South
CH141 141 Church Street
CH157 157 Church Street
CHINA Peking University
CO135 135 College Street
CO435 435 College Street
CO451 451 College Street
CO47 47 College Street (CLP)
CO493 493 College Street
CR305 305 Crown Street
CRB Chemistry Research Building
275 Prospect St.
CSC Child Study Center
230 S Frontage Rd
DAVIES Davies Auditorium, Becton Ctr
15 Prospect St
DC Davenport College
248 York St
DL Dunham Laboratory
10 Hillhouse Ave
DMCA Digital Media Center Arts
149 York St
DOW Dow Hall
370 Temple Street
DW Dwight Hall
EDG32 32 Edgewood Avenue
EDG36 36 Edgewood Ave. Sculpture Bld
36 Edgewood Avenue
EDW309 309 Edwards Street
EDW340 340 Edwards Street
340 Edward Street
EDW380 380 Edwards Street
380 Edwards
ELM143 143 Elm Street
ELM149 149 Elm Street
ELM294 Broadway Rehearsal Lofts
ES Ezra Stiles College
19 Tower Pkwy
ESC Environmental Sciences Center
21 Sachem St
ESH Edward S Harkness Hall
367 Cedar St
EVANS Edward P Evans Hall
165 Whitney Ave
FENCE Fence Club
220 York St
FMB Farnam Memorial Building
789 Howard Ave
GEO300 300 George Street
GH Grace Hopper College
189 Elm St
GML Greeley Memorial Laboratory
370 Prospect St
GR109 109 Grove Street
GREEN Green Hall (1156 Chapel)
1156 Chapel St
HEN Hendrie Hall
165 Elm St
HGS Hall of Graduate Studies
320 York St
HH Hammond Hall
14 Mansfield St
HI26 26 High Street
HLH15 15 Hillhouse Avenue
HLH17 17 Hillhouse Avenue
HLH24 24 Hillhouse Avenue
HLH27 27 Hillhouse Avenue
HLH28 28 Hillhouse Avenue
HLH31 31 Hillhouse Avenue
HLH51 51 Hillhouse Avenue
HLH55 55 Hillhouse
55 Hillhouse Avenue
HLH56 56 Hillhouse Avenue
315 Cedar St
ISM Institute of Sacred Music
409 Prospect St
ISPS Inst Social & Policy Studies
JE Jonathan Edwards College
68 High St
JPL John B Pierce Laboratory
290 Congress Ave
JWG J.W. Gibbs Laboratory
260 Whitney Ave
K Kirtland Hall
2 Hillhouse Ave
KBT Kline Biology Tower
219 Prospect St
KGL Kline Geology Laboratory
210 Whitney Ave
KRN Kroon Hall
KROON Kroon Hall
LC Linsly-Chittenden Hall
63 High St
LEIGH Leigh Hall (435 College)
LEPH Laboratory of EPH
60 College St
LFOP Leitner Obsv & Planet.
355 Prospect St
LOM Leet Oliver Memorial Hall
12 Hillhouse Ave
LORIA Loria Center
190 York Street
LUCE Luce Hall
34 Hillhouse Ave
M Edwin McClellan Hall
1037 Chapel Street
MARSH Marsh Hall
360 Prospect St
MC Morse College
302 York St
MEC Malone Engineering Center
55 Prospect Street
ML Mason Laboratory
9 Hillhouse Ave
MY Pauli Murray College
130 Prospect St
NHLAO New Haven Legal Services
426 State Street
OAG Old Art Gallery
56 High St
OML Osborn Memorial Laboratories
165 Prospect St
PACE PACE Center (340 Edwards St)
PC Pierson College
261 Park St
PH Phelps Hall
344 College St
PK205 205 Park Street
PK217 217 Park Street
PM Peabody Museum
170 Whitney Avenue
PR124 124 Prospect Street
PR135 135 Prospect Street
PR140 140 Prospect Street
PR204 204 Prospect Street
PR210 210 Prospect Street
PR230 230 Prospect Street
PR301 301 Prospect Street
PR310 310 Prospect Street
PR77 77 Prospect Street
PRP8 8 Prospect Place
PWG Payne Whitney Gymnasium
70 Tower Pkwy
RDH Rudolph Hall
180 York Street
RKZ Rosenkranz Hall
115 Prospect Street
S Sage Hall
205 Prospect St
SA10 10 Sachem Street
SA80 80 Sachem Street
SCL Sterling Chemistry Laboratory
225 Prospect St
SDQ Sterling Divinity Quadrangle
409 Prospect St
SHM Sterling Hall of Medicine
333 Cedar St
SLB Sterling Law Buildings
127 Wall St
SLIFKA Slifka Center
80 Wall St
SM Silliman College
505 College St
SMH Sprague Memorial Hall
SML Sterling Memorial Library
120 High St
SPL Sloane Physics Laboratory
217 Prospect St
SSS Sheffield-Sterling-Strathcona
1 Prospect St
ST Street Hall
1071 Chapel St
STCKL Stoeckel Hall (prior to 2008)
STOECK Stoeckel Hall (renovated)
469 College Street
SW Swing Dorm
100 Tower Parkway
SY Saybrook College
242 Elm St
TAC The Anlyan Center
300 Cedar Street
TBA To Be Announced
TC Trumbull College
241 Elm Street
TD Timothy Dwight College
345 Temple St
TM320 320 Temple Street
TM370 370 Temple Street
TM405 405 Temple Street
TM432 432 Temple Street
TM434 434 Temple Street
UT University Theater
222 York St
W-CSC 900 West Campus Drive
W-ISTC WC Integ Sci & Tech Center
850 West Campus Dr
W-OCN WC Office Complex North
WALL81 81 Wall Street
WH121 121 Whitney Avenue
WH158 158 Whitney Avenue
WH175 175 Whitney Avenue
WH221 221 Whitney
WH55 55 Whitney Avenue
WHC Whitney Humanities Center
53 Wall Street
WL Wright Lab
272 Whitney Ave
WL53 53 Wall Street
WLH William L. Harkness Hall
100 Wall St
WNSL Wright Nuclear Stucture Lab
272 Whitney Ave
WOOL Woolsey Hall
College and Grove Sts
WTS Watson Center 60 Sachem Street
60 Sachem Street
WWW William Wirt Winchester Bldg
25 York St
YCMI Yale Ctr - Medical Informatics
40 Temple St
YK149 149 York Street
YK204 204 York Street
YK212 212 York Street
YK220 220 York Street
YK222 222 York Street
YK254 254 York Street
YPSC Yale Psyc Services Clinic
405 Temple St
YRT Yale Repertory Theatre
1120 Chapel St
YUAG Yale University Art Gallery
1111 Chapel St