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AMST 782 01 (10672) /E&RS648/HIST788/GLBL811
1968: Social Movements in Comparative Perspective and Their Legacies [Cancelled]
Fall 2015 
In this seminar we explore post-WWII social movements and their legacies primarily across Western and Eastern Europe, North America, and Mexico. Analysis of other countries or regions in class discussions and final research papers is encouraged, based on student interest. Examining both the actuality and symbolic character of these movements in contemporary history, we analyze the political, social, and cultural meanings of protest and its impact on class, generational, gender, and racial relations. In addition, we discuss different national histories and discourses about identity, while exploring the varied geographies of the Cold War. We then move to a more thematic approach focusing on, for example, civil rights, antiwar and student protests, and countercultural politics. We conclude with a look at the social movements that developed out of the 1960s, such as second-wave feminism and gay and lesbian rights. This course offers students historical insights into the civil rights and student movements of the turbulent sixties that will shed light on current youth organizing and protest around the world.