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AMST 897 01 (10716) /ENGL897
Networked Solitude
Amy Hungerford
M 1.30-3.20 LC 319
Fall 2015 
This seminar examines the American understanding of solitude in the context of social and nonhuman worlds. Topics include environment and solitude, celibacy, urban solitude, religiously or politically motivated social withdrawal, punitive isolation, physical solitude within virtual connectedness, and contagious loneliness. We examine how the practices of reading and writing, both prose and lyric, from the nineteenth century to the present, configure these forms of socially networked solitude. Including readings from Emerson, Thoreau, Dickinson, Poe, Sherwood Anderson, Ellison, Reisman, Thomas Merton, Jack Kerouac, Paul Bowles, Annie Dillard, Rebecca Solnit, Marilynne Robinson, Colson Whitehead, and Michael Clune. Additional readings include J.S. Mill and recent lyric theory; Simmel, Goffman, and Riesman; and readings on punitive and religious solitudes.