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EALL 511 01 (10805) /LITR174/EALL211/WGSS405
Women and Literature in Traditional China
Kang-i Sun Chang
TTh 1.00-2.15 HGS 312
Fall 2017 
This course focuses on major women writers in traditional China, as well as representations of women by male authors. Topics include the power of women's writing; women and material culture; women in exile; courtesans; Taoist and Buddhist nuns; widow poets; the cross-dressing women; the female body and its metaphors; foot binding and its implications; women's notion of love and death; the aesthetic of illness; women and revolution; women's poetry clubs; the function of memory in women's literature; problems of gender and genre.

All readings in translation; no knowledge of Chinese required. Some Chinese texts provided for students who read Chinese.