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LITR 168 01 (11005) /ENGL129
Tragedy in the European Literary Tradition
Ruth Yeazell
MW 11.35-12.50 LC 209
Fall 2017 
Final exam scheduled (Group 63) 12/19/2017 T 7.00p
Skills WR
Areas Hu
Permission of instructor required

The genre of tragedy from its origins in ancient Greece and Rome through the European Renaissance to the present day. Themes of justice, religion, free will, family, gender, race, and dramaturgy. Works include Homer's Iliad and plays by Aeschylus, Sophocles, Euripides, Seneca, Shakespeare, Racine, Ibsen, Chekhov, Brecht, Beckett, and Soyinka. Focus on textual analysis and on developing the craft of persuasive argument through writing.