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ITAL 590 01 (11144) /FILM830/ITAL304/CPLT916/LITR367/FILM406
Literature into Film
Millicent Marcus
T 7.00-10.00p
Th 3.30-5.20 WLH 001
Fall 2015 
We study a series of written works and their cinematic adaptations, considering first the texts in autonomous, literary terms, and then their transformation into audiovisual spectacles. In most cases we screen the film on Tuesday evening and do a comparative study in the Thursday class period, making extensive use of video clips to do close visual analysis of scenes in the light of their corresponding textual sources. Rather than develop a general theory of adaptation, we construct methodological approaches on an ad hoc basis, taking each instance of adaptation as a case study amenable to a variety of methodologies—psychoanalytic, feminist, ideological, generic, semiotic, and so forth. The class is conducted as a seminar, and active student participation is expected. There are two papers—one shorter one of a critical nature at midterm and a final research paper (approximately 15–20 pages). Films examined include (tentatively) Pasolini's Medea and Decameron, the Tavianis' Padre padrone, Visconti's Death in Venice, Rosi's Three Brothers, Salvatores's I'm Not Afraid, and De Sica's Two Women. Writing assignments comprise 75 percent of the final grade and class participation 25 percent.