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AMST 880 01 (12116) /AFAM616/WGSS616
Imagined Futures: Species Being, Biotechnologies, and Planetary Relations In Literature, Art, and Mu
Hazel Carby
T 2.30-4.20 WALL81 101
Fall 2016 
This course interrogates the premises of speculative fiction alongside the futuristic compositions of visual artists and musicians. The theoretical and historical frameworks of the course are shaped by a deep engagement with questions of the possibilities and limits of the human, addressing theoretical and imaginative questions of species being, hybridity, genders and sexualities, racialization, and relationships between biology, technology, and the body. Readings in cultural and postcolonial theory provide an important lens into this material, and students are asked to consider how colonial and imperial pasts and presents inform future imaginings or provide the motivation for creative artists to envision alternative futures.