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AMST 778 01 (12185) /AMST478/ENGL436
Global Cities: New York, Chicago, San Francisco
Wai Chee Dimock
W 1.30-3.20 LC 105
Fall 2016 
This course explores the vibrant openness of three cities through an in-depth study of the geographies invoked, the literary genres experimented with, the sights and sounds produced, the collective pasts recalled, and the collective futures intimated. Beginning with Upton Sinclair's immigrant labor force in The Jungle, and ending with Teju Cole's interweaving of Africa, Europe, and America in Open City, we also read the detective fiction of Dashiell Hammett; the science fiction of Philip K. Dick; the generational sagas of Julia Alvarez, Jonathan Safran Foer, and Amy Tan; and theoretical works by Judith Butler, Michel de Certeau, and Fredric Jameson.