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ANTH 597 01 (12229) /F&ES839
Social Science of Development and Conservation
Carol Carpenter
T 10.30-1.20 KRN 321
Fall 2013 
The course provides M.E.M., M.E.Sc., and doctoral students with the opportunity to master the essential social science literature on sustainable development and conservation. Social science makes two contributions to the practice of development and conservation. First, it provides ways of thinking about, researching, and working with social groupings—including rural households and communities, but also development and conservation institutions, states, and NGOs. Second, social science tackles the analysis of the knowledge systems that implicitly shape development and conservation policy and impinge on practice. The goal of the course is to stimulate students to apply informed and critical thinking to whatever roles they play in sustainable development and conservation, in order to move toward more environmentally and socially sustainable projects and policies. Three hours lecture/seminar.