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LITR 491 01 (13151)  
The Senior Essay
Robyn Creswell
Fall 2017 
No regular final examination
Permission of instructor required

An independent writing and research project. The senior essay is due in the office of the director of undergraduate studies according to the following schedule: (1) by September 8 (for LITR 491a) or January 19 (for LITR 491b), a three-page prospectus signed by the student's adviser; (2) by October 13 (for LITR 491a) or March 9 (for LITR 491b), a full rough draft (not notes); (3) by December 1 (for LITR 491a) or April 13 (for LITR 491b), the completed essay. The minimum length for an essay is twenty-five pages. Students are urged to arrange a topic and adviser early in the term before the term in which the essay is to be written.