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SPAN 586 01 (13385)  
The Libro de buen amor in Its Historical, Literary, and Theological Context
Kevin Poole
Th 1.30-3.20 WLH 014
Fall 2013 
A study of the fourteenth-century Libro de buen amor by Juan Ruiz, the Archpriest of Hita, within its historical, literary, and religious context. We study the development of the cuaderna vía poetics from the thirteenth and fourteenth centuries, the rise of Marian devotional literature, the influence of the framed narrative on Juan Ruiz's work, as well as the Latin, French, and Italian sources from which the author took inspiration. Augustinian and scholastic theological writings of the Middle Ages are also considered as possible influences on the Libro, especially in light of the ongoing discussion of its critique of faith and reason. The inspiration that later authors found in the Libro is highlighted at the end of the term.

In Spanish.