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F&ES 719 01 (13682)  
River Processes and Restoration
James MacBroom
Th 8.30-11.20 KRN G01
Fall 2012 
3 credits. This course studies the geophysical processes of natural rivers with emphasis on qualitative and quantitative aspects of fluvial morphology; the course addresses channel dynamics, urban rivers, human impacts on rivers, and climate change. It also addresses restoration of degraded rivers, including dechannelization, dam removal, sediment transport, aquatic habitat improvements, and naturalistic design. Students learn to inspect, classify, identify, and measure river features. Quantitative analyses of river hydraulics and morphology are performed to predict river reactions to human activities and watershed change. The class includes class lectures, readings, problem sets, field labs, and a team project.
A previous course in hydrology (F&ES 714b or equivalent) is recommended.