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AMST 847 01 (20526) /AFAM788
Hemispheric Americas
Dixa Ramirez
T 2.30-4.30 HGS 302
Spring 2015 
This is a reading seminar that imagines American studies from a hemispheric context. We read a wide variety of genres—including poetry, essays, novels, and travel diaries—from the nineteenth century to the present that exemplify and explore a hemispheric imaginary. The seminar also touches on terms related to the transnational or transcolonial reach of the texts, including diaspora, migration, and globalization. All of the assigned readings are in English, but students have the choice to work with the original Spanish, Portuguese, or French for their papers. Among the authors we read are José Martí, Rosario Ferré, Mary Seacole, Junot Díaz, Herman Melville, Nicolás Guillén, and Gilberto Freyre. Short papers and presentations are the primary modes of evaluation.