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AMST 703 01 (20565) /WGSS630
Feminist Postcolonial Theories: Discourses, Subjects, Knowledge
Inderpal Grewal
W 3.30-5.20 WLH 209
Spring 2015 
An advanced survey course in feminist theory that covers key debates over the past three decades within feminist postcolonial scholarship. The course goes beyond the basic texts of postcolonial studies and feminist theory, seeking, on the one hand, to historicize and contextualize particular emergences and changes in academic knowledge production, and, on the other hand, to examine the debates that have energized the field. Thus we examine postcolonial feminist theory as a field of knowledge that came both from social and national movements and from academic upheavals caused by these movements. Beginning with colonial discourse studies and cultural studies in the 1980s, we end by focusing on analyses of contemporary colonialisms, which reveal both the influences of the field and the extensions of it into a variety of disciplines and knowledge formations.