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AMST 786 01 (20576) /HSAR720/REL966/RLST698
Sensational Religion: Sensory Cultures in Material Practice
Sally Promey
T 3.30-5.20 LORIA 258
Spring 2015 
This interdisciplinary seminar explores the sensory and material histories of (largely American) religious images, objects, buildings, and performances as well as the potential for sensory subjects to spark controversy in material religious practice. The goal is not only to study the visual cultures of religions but also to investigate possibilities for scholarly examination of a more robust human sensorium of sound, taste, touch, scent, and sight, the points where the senses meet material things (and vice versa) in religious life and practice. The seminar is coordinated with other campus events, including speakers in the Sensory Cultures of Religion Research Group.

Permission of the instructor required; qualified undergraduates are welcome.