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AMST 834 01 (20586) /FILM423/EVST366/FILM733/AMST364
Documentary and the Environment
Charles Musser
TTh 11.35-12.50 WLH 114
W 7.00-10.00p
Spring 2015 
The environmental documentary has emerged as one of cinema's most vital genres of the last ten years (in documentary its only rivals are probably those concerned with the Second Gulf War). As the world's environment faces a growing crisis, documentary has come to serve as a key means to draw public attention to specific issues. This course combines screenings with readings on documentary such as Bill Nichols's important book Representing Reality and other books and essays on the topics under discussion. Often films have book tie-ins, and we consider how they complement each other and work together to maximize the impact of their message. Readings also focus on news items, debates, Web sites, and other media forms that are employed in conjunction with the films.