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AMST 870 01 (20588) /WGSS870
Transborder Studies of Migration, Governance, and Social Movements
Alicia Camacho
T 9.25-11.15 LORIA 259
Spring 2015 
This seminar offers critical and thematic readings that examine Central America, Mexico, and the United States as integrated spaces of migration, governance, and cultural and social exchange, focusing on the period 1994 to the present. Through examination of different kinds of primary sources—including legislative acts, human rights reports, documentary film, and testimonial narrative—the course discusses methods and approaches for understanding the impacts of economic globalization, militarized security, and social inequality on transnational communities. The course gives special emphasis to social movements that have arisen in response to the violence of the drug wars, the criminalization of migration, and gender violence in the region.