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CLSS 862 01 (20769)  
Roman Elegy before Ovid
Christina Kraus
W 2.30-4.20 PH 407
Spring 2013 
Study of the elegiac verse of Catullus, Propertius, and Tibullus, with attention to the development of the genre. Supplementary readings from Gallus, Sulpicia, and epitaphic poems. Topics include the role of Catullus in the formation of "love" elegy; the relation of form to content, and the challenge of epic; Tibullus and the city/country divide; Propertius's exploration of the metapoetics of elegy, and his opening up of the genre; elegy's ventriloquism of women; voyeurism and necrophilia. Weekly secondary readings, at least one in-class presentation of a smaller topic, and a seminar paper.