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SPAN 354 01 (20818)  
Indigenism in Spanish-American Literature and Culture
Aníbal González Perez
Mariana Melo - Vega de la Puente
TTh 1.00-2.15 CO493 103
Spring 2014 
No regular final examination
Skills L5
Areas Hu
Permission of instructor required

Study of Indigenismo, a cultural movement from the 1930s to the 1950s that upheld the rights and dignity of Spanish America's indigenous peoples. The roots of indigenism in the works of colonial mestizo writers and nineteenth-century reformists, its flowering in twentieth-century visual art and narration, and its echoes in contemporary political movements, popular music, and film in South America.

Open to students who have placed into L5 courses or who have successfully completed an L4 course in Spanish. Counts toward the Spanish major.