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SPAN 120 04 (21005)  
Elementary Spanish II
Ian Althouse
M-F 9.25-10.15 WLH 013
Spring 2014 
Final exam scheduled (Group 61) 05/03/2014 S 2.00
Skills L2
Meets during reading period

Further development of understanding, speaking, reading, and writing skills. Class sessions incorporate short authentic texts in Spanish, audiovisual materials, and film. Cultural topics of the Spanish-speaking world (traditions, art, literature, music) are included.

Conducted in Spanish. After SPAN 110 or in accordance with placement results. Admits to SPAN 130 or 145. Does not count toward the Spanish major. Students must preregister through Preference Selection during the online pre-registration period: 9:00 a.m. on January 11, 2014 through noon on January 12, 2014. Details and a link to Preference Selection are provided on the