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EALL 203 01 (21303) /LITR197/EALL503
The Tale of Genji
Edward Kamens
TTh 9.00-10.15 SML 218
Spring 2017 
Final exam scheduled (Group 22) 05/06/2017 S 9.00
Skills WR
Areas Hu
Readings in translation

A reading of the central work of prose fiction in the Japanese classical tradition in its entirety (in English translation) along with some examples of predecessors, parodies, and adaptations (the latter include Noh plays and twentieth-century short stories). Topics of discussion include narrative form, poetics, gendered authorship and readership, and the processes and premises that have given The Tale of Genji its place in "world literature." Attention will also be given to the text's special relationship to visual culture.

No knowledge of Japanese required. A previous college-level course in the study of literary texts is recommended but not required.