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ARCG 743 01 (22180) /ANTH743
Archaeological Research Design and Proposal Development
William Honeychurch
F 9.25-11.15 HLH51 101
Spring 2017 
Permission of instructor required
Meets during reading period
An effective proposal requires close consideration of all steps of research design, from statement of the problem to data analysis. The course is designed to provide an introduction to the principles by which archaeological research projects are devised and proposed. Students receive intensive training in the preparation of a research proposal with the expectation that the final proposal will be submitted to national and international granting agencies for consideration. The course is structured around the creation of research questions; hypothesis development and statement of expectations; and the explicit linking of expectations to material patterning, field methods, and data analysis. Students review and critique examples of funded and nonfunded research proposals and comment extensively on each other's proposals. In addition to developing one's own research, learning to constructively critique the work of colleagues is imperative for becoming a responsible anthropological archaeologist.