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ENGL 975 01 (22477)  
Modernism and Historical Poetics
Benjamin Glaser
T 10.30-12.20 LC 319
Spring 2017 
Poetry and related writings from the first half of the twentieth century, with emphasis on expanding notions of modernism and recent critical reevaluations of poetic genres and forms. What, for instance, is the relation between new formalism and modernism's "formal" poets (Yeats, Hart Crane, Stevens, Louise Bogan)? How do women poets (Bogan, Loy, Millay, Georgia Douglas Johnson) concerned with sentimentality and the figure of the poetess illuminate the role of gender in lyric theory? We look at Robert Frost and Sterling Brown to explore theories of voice and vernacular sound; read Eliot and Pound to rethink periodization and the emergence of literary criticism as an institution; and pursue the legacy of Stein, Williams, and others in debated canons of lyric, language, and conceptual poetry. The Beinecke's Pound, H.D., Loy, and James Weldon Johnson collections serve as a starting point for exploring new work in modernism's print and digital archives.