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HSAR 667 01 (22861)  
Renaissance Florence
Joost Keizer
W 3.30-5.20 LORIA 258
Spring 2014 
This seminar focuses on painting, sculpture, drawing, and art theory in Florence between 1300 and 1550. This may seem like a redundant topic, considering the fact that Renaissance Florence is probably the best-studied city in all of art history—a city privileged as a topic of study ever since the days of Vasari. Current models of writing about early modern art prefer a more global approach. This seminar explores the possibility that something can be gained by closely studying one place at one specific historical moment, if only because it raises questions about the definition and usefulness of "historical context." It is the aim of this seminar to study Florentine art and art theory in relation to developments in contemporary Florentine politics, Renaissance historiography, and humanism.