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ITAL 920 01 (22881)  
Petrarch's Worlds
Giuseppe Mazzotta
T 3.30-5.20 HGS 117
Spring 2014 
At the center of Petrarch's vision, announcing a new way of seeing the world, was the individual, a sense of the self that would one day become the center of modernity as well. This self, however, seemed to be fragmented, divided among the works of philosophy, faith, love of the classics, politics, art, religion, and of Italy, France, Greece, and Rome. This course shows how all these fragmentary worlds relate to each other, how these separate worlds are part of a common vision. By pursuing an "encyclopedic" approach and by showing the conversation Petrarch enacts between the arts and sciences, the course focuses on Petrarch's new understanding of culture and self for the modern age. Texts to be examined include the Canzoniere, the Trionfi, Secretum, Invective against a Physician, On His Own Ignorance, and letters (selections from the Familiares and Seniles).

In Italian.