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F&ES 851 01 (23571)  
Environmental Diplomacy Practicum
Roy Lee
Th 10.30-12.50 S 32
Spring 2013 
3 credits per term. This course aims to provide experiential learning of environmental and sustainable development issues at the international level. Students are required to participate in weekly seminars at F&ES and internships at UN Missions in New York City (minimum one day per week), and to write a final paper reflecting their thoughts on the subject at end of term. Weekly discussions focus on the decision-making process in the relevant international bodies regarding climate change, forestry, marine environment, fisheries, and renewable resources. Students are expected to conduct research and present findings in class on these and related topics. Internships at the UN Missions of small developing countries at the United Nations in New York involve research, drafting papers, attending meetings, and/or developing specific projects on selected topics. Where appropriate, arrangements are made for making presentations of research results to the UN community in New York.
Prerequisite: enrollment requires application, interview, and approval of the instructor.