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F&ES 802 01 (23575) /MGT682
Technology and the Environment
Robert Mendelsohn
MW 10.30-11.50 S 24
Spring 2013 
This seminar addresses technology’s dual role as both source and remedy of global environmental change. The seminar discusses both conceptual and theoretical aspects of technological change (one-third) as well as examples of technological change and its environmental impacts in agriculture, industries, and the service economy (two-thirds). Questions addressed include: Why are some technological innovations successful (e.g. cell-phones) while others (e.g. fast breeder reactors) are not? What determines rates of change in the adoption of new technologies and how can these be accelerated? How many people can the earth feed? Is dematerialization actually occurring, and why? What are the implications of the Internet’s digital North-South divide and what are strategies to overcome it? Active student participation in seminar debates and policy roundtable discussions are an essential ingredient of the seminar.