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F&ES 703 01 (23902)  
Forest Dynamics: Growth and Development of Forest Stands
Xuhui Lee
Nadine Unger
TTh 1.00-2.20 KRN 319
Spring 2014 
This course introduces the study of forest stand dynamics—how the structure of different forest types changes over time. Understanding the dynamic nature of forest stands is important for creating and maintaining a variety of critical wildlife habitats on the landscape, managing for sustainable supplies of wood products and other forest values, or predicting the risks and managing the effects of natural and anthropogenic disturbances. Through lectures and laboratory projects we explore forest development processes and pathways, concentrating on some key biological mechanisms driving forest structural change and the roles of natural and human disturbances in initiating and altering stand development trajectories. We make use of New England forests as living laboratories, while discussing how similar patterns and processes of forest development are played out in forests around the globe.