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F&ES 726 01 (23907) /EVST362/EMD548/ARCG362/G&G362/G&G562/ARCG762
Observing Earth from Space
Xuhui Lee
TTh 9.00-10.15 ESC 110
Spring 2014 
3 credits. Course topics include the spectrum of electromagnetic radiation, satellite-borne radiometers, data transmission and storage, computer image analysis, and merging satellite imagery with GIS. Applications to weather and climate, oceanography, surficial geology, ecology and epidemiology, forestry, agriculture, and watershed management. Preference to students in F&ES, Geology and Geophysics, Epidemiology, Anthropology, and Studies in the Environment.
Prerequisites: college-level physics or chemistry, two courses in geology and natural science of the environment or equivalents, and computer literacy.