Ancient Greek

GREK S110 01 (30069)  
Beginning Greek: The Elements of Grammar
William Brockliss
M-F 9.00-12.00
Summer 2011 SU 5A Session
Skills L1
Not Cr/D/F
Introduction to ancient Greek. Emphasis on morphology and syntax within a structured program of readings and exercises. Prepares for GREK S120. No prior knowledge of Greek assumed. 1 1/2 Credits. Tuition: $3,000. Session A: May 30 - July 1.
GREK S120 01 (30070)  
Beginning Greek: Review of Grammar and Selected Readings
Thomas Beasley
M-F 9.00-12.00
Summer 2011 SU 5B Session
Skills L2
Not Cr/D/F
Continuation of GREK S110. Emphasis on consolidating grammar and on readings from Greek authors. The sequence GREK S110, S120 prepares for GREK 131 or 141. Prerequisite: GREK S110 or equivalent. 1 1/2 Credits. Tuition: $3,000. Session B: July 4 - August 5.