Ancient Greek

GREK S110 01 (30069)  
Beginning Greek: The Elements of Grammar
William Brockliss
M-F 9.00-12.00
Summer 2011 SU 5A Session
Skills L1
Introduction to ancient Greek. Emphasis on morphology and syntax within a structured program of readings and exercises. Prepares for GREK S120. No prior knowledge of Greek assumed. 1 1/2 Credits. Tuition: $3,000. Session A: May 30 - July 1.
GREK S120 01 (30070)  
Beginning Greek: Review of Grammar and Selected Readings
Thomas Beasley
M-F 9.00-12.00
Summer 2011 SU 5B Session
Skills L2
Continuation of GREK S110. Emphasis on consolidating grammar and on readings from Greek authors. The sequence GREK S110, S120 prepares for GREK 131 or 141. Prerequisite: GREK S110 or equivalent. 1 1/2 Credits. Tuition: $3,000. Session B: July 4 - August 5.